About luxopuncture

Luxopuncture is a new generation ACUPUNCTURE, made possible by a PAINLESS infrared beam.

It acts on the reflex points of the body to stimulate the improvement of physical and psychological problems.

Luxopuncture, a very effective method…

Depending on your problem, the acupuncture points stimulated by the laser beam vary.

It is very effective, in particular, to aid in:

weight loss
eating disorders
reducing stress and anxiety
relaxation and well-being
quitting smoking
facial rejuvenation
menopause symptoms (to stimulate well-being…)
reducing aches and pains

Sessions : Step by step

My method takes place in three main stages:

Analyze your habits and your behavior,
Motivate you throughout the process,
• Succeed by reaching the goals identified together

Every cure begins with a first appointment. During this visit, we form an assessment which is built on an open exchange that allows us to identify and understand the causes of your dysfunction, your personality, your habits, your possible health problems. Thanks to these elements, we are able to take an in-depth approach (psychological and physical).

Once the causes are identified, we can define objectives and an individualized follow-up.

Two offices on Geneva and Annecy-le-Vieux

I distributed my working time between my two offices of France and Switzerland according to my appointments.
Do not hesitate to contact me on Geneva or on Annecy-le-Vieux. I will answer your questions and I will be very happy to meet you.

Témoignages - testimonals - luxopuncture Genève Annecy

Tellement reconnaissante d’avoir rencontré Géraldine, tant pour l’efficacité des séances que je suis avec elle, que pour son côté humain.
Présente à chaque étape (même hors rdv), pleine de bon conseils et astuces.
Très à l’écoute et bienveillante, je la recommande fortement !

Luxopuncture : témoignage de Christelle B.

Témoignages - testimonals - luxopuncture Genève Annecy

J’ai découvert la luxopuncture avec Géraldine. Les séances m’ont permis de gérer un stress qui bloquait mon diaphragme et réduisait mes capacités respiratoires. Grâce à la luxopuncture et aussi aux conseils de vie très justes de Géraldine, j’ai réussi à gérer mon stress et à retrouver une plus grande sérénité mentale. Un grand merci à Géraldine pour cette belle et riche expérience!

Luxopuncture : témoignage de Pascale G.