Quitting smoking

A 100% natural way to quit smoking!

Luxopuncture is a 100 % natural quitting smoking technique.

The quitting smoking keys to success are:

to mitigate the physical dependence (withdrawal symptoms) which lasts 3 to 5 days,
to lose the psychological dependence (thoughts, habits, gestures) which lasts approximately 30 days,
to prevent relapses (environment, stress) through a personalized long-term follow-up,

How does it work?

Using luxopuncture makes sense in that it will help, firstly, to stimulate the natural production of endorphins and dopamine of the smoker, blocked, until now, by nicotine.

Then, in parallel, it will create a relaxing effect for the smoker, which will result in significantly alleviating withdrawal syndromes (nervousness, excessive appetite, irritability) and smoking compulsion.

A scientific study by INTERNATIONAL TEREO (independent clinical research lab) of 188 subjects, demonstrates that at the rate of an average of 3 sessions of luxopuncture (5 maximum), quitting smoking is successfull in 90.5 % of the cases; with a satisfaction rating, of the subjects having stopped smoking, that amounts to 99.2%.

Duration of the cure

Quitting phase: 1 session a day on 3 consecutive days
Follow-up phase: 1 session a week for 3 weeks

It is, of course, recommended to return before the three months term if you feel you are starting to think about cigarettes again and you are about to give in.
Then, sessions are by request.