Facial rejuvenation

A burst of freshness for your face

Without injections or application of products, Luxopuncture proves to be an invaluable ally in the research for facial rejuvenation.

It allows:

decongestion, draining of dark circles and bags under the eyes, making for a brighter complexion,
improvement in the texture, flexibility, elasticity of the skin to redefine facial contours and reduce wrinkles and fine lines,
toning and strengthening of the muscles to diminish the 11 main facial wrinkles and regulate the secretions of dry or oily skin.

How does it work?

The beam acts on the facial muscles’ control to:

stimulate lymphatic drainage and microcirculation of the face,
stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, cells that naturally produce collagen and elastin,
work on facial muscles’ control points.

Duration of the cure

Treatment phase: 1 session a week for 8 weeks
Stabilization phase: 1 monthly maintenance session is recommended