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Jill M.

Are you wanting to shed excess kilos, feel good and revitalize your energy in a sensible, healthy way? Then you really should make an appointment with Géraldine Asselin and try her Luxopuncture programme.

A few years ago I had let my weight creep up and was feeling heavy, sluggish and tired. As I turned 60, I decided to invest in myself to assure a good transition from my rather stressful full-time working life to a happy and healthy retirement in which I could feel in great form to do all of the many activities I was looking forward to.

Mission accomplished! Thanks to Geraldine’s Luxopuncture programme – which she tailors to the needs and lifestyle of each client – and her wise and good-humoured encouragement, today I am thoroughly enjoying this new phase in life, considerably lighter and fitter, with renewed energy and zest. And having seen the remarkable difference it made for me, several colleagues and friends signed up too and it has given me great pleasure to see how they in turn have shed the unwanted kilos and gained a healthy glow!